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Owner/Head Trainer of Red Bird Equestrian

From her first pony ride at 4 years old to competing in 4H throughout middle school and high school, the equestrian sport has played a role in all stages of Emily's life. She knew from a young age that horses were always going to be "her thing". 

Emily rode western growing up, switching over to hunter/jumper and dressage after getting her first horse in high school, a young off-the-track thoroughbred (also sparking the love of OTTBs). After graduating from college and making the move across the country from Arizona to North Carolina, she picked up eventing with her now horse, another young thoroughbred named Piper. 

No matter the discipline, Emily believes in a strong foundation for both horse and rider. She was guided by a handful of influential trainers growing up and strives to be that for another generation of young riders today!

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